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EN Video course Master class by Evgenija Volosyna – 3D antigravity cake “Minions”

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Price of physical course € 275

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Translation: English dubbing
Time: 1h 35min

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We have prepared an absolutely unique course of the antigravity cakes, which contains two minions, it is extraordinary because of its construction and shape. A certified specialist and lecturer Evgenija Volosyna will help you to make this cake absolutely adorable and perfect.

In the course you will first sketch the cake, make a detailed analysis, discuss the technical side of the cake and its complicated construction, then analyze the possible filling options, types of chocolate cream Ganache, the possibility of using confectionery mass and even more.
You will have a wide range of information, so we recommend taking notes, as you can pause the course at any time, It will be extremely simple.
If you have any questions about the course, we are always here for you.

In this album you can see the work of the lecturer and her students.


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