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EN Video Course Master Class by Svetlany Bayankiny PERFECT ROYAL ICING

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Translation: English dubbing
Time: 1h 44min

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Lecturer Svetlana Bayankina has devoted her entire life to confectionery art and decor. Since 2013, she has been regularly passing on her knowledge to her students. Svetlana is well known in Europe, the USA, Israel, Russia, and Belarus. She constantly teaches and studies the “culinary world” and continues to improve. She learned the confectionery craft in England, with well-known masters such as Ceri Grifiths, Paddi Clark, Eddie Spens or Allan Dunn. In fact, her works have been published several times on the front pages of international magazines such as Wedding cake (England) and Cake central (USA).

Royal Icing technique

1. Author’s recipe
-properties of cream behavior
-tricks used at work
2. Preparing a cake (dummy) for decorating
-compilation design
-drawing lines
3. Decorating technique
4. Coloring of icing
5. Composition composition

The course is designed for both beginners and advanced.

As soon as You pay for the course, You will have access to it for the rest of your life.
The advantage of these courses is that You will never lose access to them, as you have it anytime and anywhere, via phone, tablet, laptop or computer. You can stop the video course at any time, go through the individual steps once more, recalculate or remeasure the ingredients, You can slow down the video or turn it on several times in a row. Video courses are designed for both complete beginners and advanced students. They are very clear, the individual steps are precise and clearly shown, and the technique of each type is thoroughly explained.

In this album you can see the work of the lecturer and her students.


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