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EN MASTER CLASS “Cake Art Caring Love”

Original price was: 3,200.00 Kč.Current price is: 1,499.00 Kč.


Brand new recipe using readily available natural ingredients.

All recipes have detailed video instructions.

They are great for the beginner or home cook and professional cake decorators.

You will learn how to create artistic decorations.
You get cake recipe with fillings with instructions in the form of videos and pdf files that can be printed or downloaded for your use.

How it works ?
This course is pre-recorded in English, but you can translate all the written material. We’ve tried to make the videos very easy to understand, so they are accessible even without perfect language skills.

To purchase the course we will send it to your email .

Start baking amazing cakes and creating artistic designs .
You have lifetime access to your course and if you need further support or lose your course send us an email.
Upon successful completion of the course you can receive a certificate. You need to email a picture of your work.


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