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EN Video course Master class by Evgenija Volosyna – 3D antigravity cake “Mickey Mouse”

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Translation: English dubbing
Time: 2h 13min

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Can you imagine an antigravity cake in which you feel that soon it will fall, while it just looks like that? Can’t You?
Now you have a unique opportunity to bake such a cake and surprise your friends and family!

The cake with complicated design will be studied by a certified specialist and lecturer Evgenija Volosyna. You can see her amazing work on Instagram (@gravity.cake)
Evgenija is author of cake nenane gravitation

You will learn a lot of useful information, such as how to bake the cake correctly, how to calculate the weight correctly, what filling to use to make the cake look perfect. The lecturer will discuss the technical aspects of contemporary confectionery art, the design of the cake, the types of Ganache chocolate cream, it’s application in various situations, and especially it’s balancing and much more.

You have something to look forward to!
If You have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us.

In this album you can see the work of the lecturer and her students.


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