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EN Video course Master class by Evgenija Volosyna – 3D antigravity cake “Donut”

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Translation: English dubbing
Time: 1h 29min
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We would like to present to You a unique 3D cake with intricate construction and elements of gravity.
Most of us love donuts, they are small, tasty and look absolutely irresistible. How about one big, extremely tasty pink donut that leaves a sense of enthusiasm with your children, friends or family, plus it’s completely edible?
Through our course and certified lecturer Evgenia Volosyn, who graduated from the technical university .She combined engineering and culinary
You can make this kind of cake without any problem. Evgenia Volosyna is one of the few people who deals with antigravity cakes, thanks to the knowledge gained in college, the construction of her cakes is in an inch properly calculated and distorted, since the construction is a crucial part in antigravity cakes. Especially for a donut cake which is one of more complicated cakes, it’s very important to make construction with perfection. But don’t worry we guarantee that You will do great.
If You have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

In this album you can see the work of the lecturer and her students.


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