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Duration: 4:43 hours

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lecturer began working with gingerbread 11 years ago, then for 5 years she started studying classical English techniques ..working with royal glaze (Royal icing).
In 2014, she studied in England at the PME School with the best world champion (King of the Royal Glaze) ➡️ Eddie Spence MBE, who for many years maintains old traditions in working with royal icing and still makes cakes for the royal family of Great Britain.

The lecturer knows all of the traditional English techniques of “Royal icing” and transfers them to her gingerbread works, she also adapts them to modern styles and materials.
During the last 7 years, she has been leading master classes in Russia, Belarus… Europe (Germany, Israel, and Belgium ..etc.)

Course description:
The courses consist of the theoretical and practical part.
The theoretical part presents gingerbread recipes for various occasions, teaches you how to prepare and store them.

The recipe for the royal glaze consists of proteins and albumin (dry protein), its consistency for different types of painting, coloring, storage. Selection of colors (dry, gel, liquid, pasty) for use in painting, toning, and drawing. Selection of tips from various manufacturers and their pros and cons. Consideration of gingerbread coating options: casting, food varnish, craquelure, etc.

The practical part consists of preparing the right royal glaze from live proteins and albumin, painting and decorating gingerbread, or their composition. In the courses, you will learn both basic painting and decoration techniques (contours, fillings, brush embroidery and tips “piping technique”, flowers from royal glaze) and more complex (scrolls, panel designs, volume applications – piping complex images, curved fillings, etc.). We work with different colors and use several types of painting: background and mass drawing elements.
In this procedure, we take into account various situations, problems when working with glaze, how to get out of them, and disperse deep-rooted famy when working with glaze.
We work both with and without tips.
The course is suitable for beginners and experienced confectioners who want to learn to improve this knowledge for making gingerbread or decorating cakes in the best English traditions. All possible techniques of royal glaze were invented in a certain era long ago…
Our task is not to invent techniques and methods, but to master those used by the best masters of the past and present, their adaptation, taking into account modern materials and dyes, and their use in gingerbread art.


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